Elderly Man Dies After Drinking Coffee With Vanish Stain Remover

vanishp_2466450aJohn Guttridge, 83-year-old dementia sufferer wanted to make a cup of coffee for himself and his wife, Anne, 79. Accidently, he used stain remover to make the coffee and soon he and his wife started feeling bad and so rushed into University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton.

Unfortunately, John did not survive and died of chemical gastritis caused by sodium percarbonate and carbonate the following morning . Luckily, his wife Anne recovered completely from the horrible accident. She commented that she usually makes the coffee and that her late husband “was just trying to help”.

What Is The Difference Between An Actual Vegan and Vegan Stereotype?

When you hear the word vegan, what kind of a person do you imagine at first? A crazy fighter for rights of animals? Or just a very skiny person, who also fights for rights of animals and tells you about how eating meat is disgusting while you are enjoying your hamburger (not vegan). Well, not every vegan is that way. Sometimes, you do not even recognize a vegan at first sight. Or you do not even notice the fact about the person until you ask. Not everybody has to talk about their food all the time. But why don´t you watch the video to see the difference between a real vegan and vegan stereotypes. Enjoy!

House Hunters (A Little Different)

Do you watch House Hunters? Well, it is not such a bad show, is it? Couples looking for a new home. Seriously, what could possibly be wrong with that? Or could something actually be wrong with that? Well, let´s just say, that TV shows are never 100 percent normal, are they?

But you have probably noticed. I mean, people are doing weird things while they are on the TV. Also, couples on House Hunters are often not being very honest, are they? However, what if they were honest. Would you still want to watch the show? Well, if you do not know, then watch the video below! I bet that the show would be more hilarious than it is now. Enjoy the video!


Getting In Troubles At School

Do you still remember your time spent at school? Were you a good student? Following all the rules, not getting in trouble…. Or were you quite the opposite? Having problems every week? Well, it does not really matter now, does it. Even those who were perfectly good at school do not have to be that way now. And those who were bad, do not have to be that way now either.

Anyway, what I want to tell you about now are some curiosities. The weirdest things people got in trouble for at school. Are you curious what they were? Well, then watch the video below! Some are really insane! Enjoy the video.

Two-Faced Wedding Cake

All brides simply want their wedding to be picture-perfect. Beautiful decoration, lots of flowers, beautiful dress and of course, beautiful cake. However, they need to remember one thing. That the entire wedding is not only about them. But about them and their groom. And it would be nice if he could also have something at his wedding the way he wants it, right? So when your fiancé says that he wants a “superhero” cake you should probably try to do something with it. Well, of course you would never allow him to turn your wedding cake into one that looks like a comic book, but perhaps making a compromise would do! Well, it worked for this couple, so. wedding-cake-marvel-superheroes-dc-comics-tier-by-tier-2wedding-cake-marvel-superheroes-dc-comics-tier-by-tier-1


New Parents This Is For You!

If you have just had a baby then at first, let me congratulate you! It is just awesome! Having a baby is the best! And you are going to be awesome parents!

But perhaps right now, at the beginning, you might need some help, don´t you? You know, there are some things you are going to be concerned with for several months. But do not worry, you will figure everything out. However, just to help you a little, here are some charts you may find useful!

So good luck! You are going to need it!

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People Doing What Dogs Do

Dogs are awesome. They are always happy and calm. They live their life to the fullest, right? They are enjoying every single day! Us people, we have a lot to learn from dogs, don´t you think? Would it not be awesome if we did some things that dogs do? What if we hung out like dogs? Would it be great, or insane? Perhaps a little crazy, right? Just imagine it.

Or do not imagine it. Just watch the video below, it captures the situation perfectly. And it is absolutely insane! And awesome! Enjoy!

Thoughts You Have When Left Alone At Party

Being left alone at a party is not eady for everyone. Sure, there are people who always find new friends. However, there are also some who do not find it easy. People who feel lost when they have to stand alone for a while. Even if it is for a few minutes. Standing alone on a bar, that is just terrible. So the first thing that comes to your mind is to take out your smartphone and pretend to be doing something important. Well, but you cannot do it forever, right? It just gets too boring. So you get the thoughts that you get whenever that happens. You know what I mean. If not, watch it in the video below. Enjoy!

Row of network servers in data center isolated on white background with reflection effect Row of network servers in data center isolated on white background with reflection effect

Reseller Web Hosting 101

What Is Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is one of the best things going around for entrepreneurial types. It is the best thing going around because it gives a creative person many way in which they can earn extra money. One question that a lot of readers might have is, “what exactly is reseller web hosting.” Well, we will do our best to explain this question to you. A reseller web hosting account is a special type of hosting account that allows a person to sell web hosting to other people and earn a profit. It allows you to run your own web hosting business but without having to invest in expensive servers and other equipment. All you have to do is find customers. Why would a hosting company allow this? They allow this because it creates more revenue for them without having to market to those new customers. It also makes them instant money because a reseller account costs money for the owner of one, so they make money on both ends.

Web-HostingWhat To Look For In A Reseller Web Host

Well, not all reseller accounts are equal and we will go over what to look for. When running your own reseller business you want a hosting company who is known to be reliable. Reliability is very important because you do not want the websites hosting on your account to face outages. You also want a company that has a good payment system so that your customers can easy pay and so that you can easily manage their accounts.
Where To Learn More About A Web Host

You will want to head to the local web master website forums where you can find plenty of reviews about different hosting companies. The information that you find from these sites are great because they come from everyday people who are in the same situation as you are, looking for a quality reseller web host. Watch videos and read blogs about the experience of others because you are likely to have similar experiences. There is no shortage of reviews on the internet about various web host. Just create a list of web hosts and then look for reviews about them.

reseller_small_bannerHow To Earn Money Using A Reseller Account

Earning money with a reseller account is very easy. All you need to do is market your service to the public. On a deeper level it is best to figure out a niche or an angle or a group of people who could use web hosting. If you can find a niche in this area, then it will be very easy and profitable. Internet marketing is all about niche marketing and creating needs and adding value. If this business is for you, then you will be able to easily figure out a ton of different ways to service people.

Managing Your Reseller Accounts

You need a host with a good payment process and great controls over reseller accounts. The best reseller accounts offer a ton of tools that make everything about running your reseller business easy.

Having Problems Making A Decision?

I have always admired people who can make decisions easily. Those who do not have problems when they have more than one option. I just never understood how they do that!

Myself, I cannot even decide on food. And the more options I have the more confused I am. Although, it is just food and it just does not matter it always takes me time to decide what I want to eat. Or where I want to go to eat. And it goes on and on just like in the video below! However, it is not only food, but it is basically everything! Do you feel the same? Or do you not have problems deciding?