When All You Want To Do Is Sleep

Everybody has such days. Those when all you want to do is sleep and not do anything else. Lazy days when right after you get out of your bed you start missing it and spend the day thinking about the moment when you return to it.

Oh, how I love those days! Don´t  you? There is just something so cool about them. But it is a pitty that not every day can be like that, right? Well, that would not be possible. And it would probably make those days less interesting. Ain´t that right?

Well, what can I say. Just check out these Lingvistov´s doodles which describe your feeling during lazy days best.

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The Best Way To Announce Pregnancy?

How would you choose to announce to your friends and family that you are expecting? Would you choose to just tell them? Write them an email? Or call each of them? Well, there are plenty of options so it is not that hard to come up with one. However, if you really want to make it special, then here is a great idea on how to announce pregnancy.

And it is time lapsed drawing which was used by this couple! And the result was just amazing! But why don´t you watch it on the video? Believe me, it is worth it!

Well, I guess that all I can add is: Congratulations guys! We are all looking forward to the baby with you!


How Many Different Hairstyles Can This Man Create?

Who said that men do not have that many options when it comes to styling their hair? Well, whoever did, they were wrong. And this man proves it! He is able to tranform hair into 12 completely different and at the same time popular hairstyles. Ain´t that awesome?

Well, he probably has some good skills. Well, honestly he is just amazing! Who would not want a hairstyle made by this guy?! Just watch him do the job. You will be just amazed! Enjoy the video!

And guys, perhaps you might want to start thinking about changing your haircut after seeing this.

Do Not Mess With These Guys´ Girlfriends

Or do not mess with these guys. Because once you piss them off there is nothing you can do but run!

However, do not freak out, they do not get angry easily, something terrible must happen in order to make them go mad.

Just like this situation which would probably make every man go crazy. Watching a video of their girlfriend getting catcalled.

However, what men do not probably know is that this often happens while they are not around. And there is in fact nothing they can do. But, why don´t you just watch the video to see what their reactions to this issue were! Enjoy the video.

The Problems Of A Sim

Have you heard of game The Sims? Well, you probably did, it is very popular and very funny. Most of the time. Well, if you enjoy taking care of families and building and decorating houses. Sims simply rule. Although they have far from being just like normal people. Honestly, they have some problems that we never experience on our own skin.

Or we can just say that their problems are sometimes caused by players who simply consider messing with their lives fun. Well, it actually is fun when you make the door disappear ain´t that right? Here are some of their problems that you are probably familiar with, if you played the game, of course. Enjoy!

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Disney Princesses In Roles Of Moms

They were your childhood role models. They were beautiful, flawless, intelligent, good and hardworking. And even though they usually were not very rich, their beauty and goodness was quite enough to make them princesses. And now, after all these years they have finally grown up with you. And woke up from the dream of finding a prince.

Now they are no longer living in the castle. They are regular mothers with regular husbands and regular kids. And with the same problems as you have.

We bring you the stories of Snow White, Pocahontas, Ariel and Cinderella.

1. Snow White is a mom who is annoyed by her teenage son always sitting on the couch.


2. Pocahontas as a leader of her daughter´s Girl Scouts troop is still in a close contact with the nature. However, she hates when she has to sell cookies.enhanced-14199-1437424271-23. Ariel spends her free time arguing with her husband – she does not want her daughter to have as much freedom as he thinks. enhanced-3634-1437424097-1

4. Cinderella is simply the best mom! She cooks, bakes, cleans and makes some incredible clothes for her kids. enhanced-3536-1437424150-7

Struggles Of People Who Wear Glasses

Those who wear glasses know that it really is not so cool and funny. Actually, there are lots of things which make wearing glasses suck. And therefore when someone who needs to wear glasses sees a person with those ugly fake glasses on, they freak out! Or at least, I freak out. Because they do not know how lucky they are that they do not have to wear them! But anyway, that is not my problem.

What I am planning to tell you about is the struggles. The struggles of people who wear glasses. Just like the time when you want to drink hot tea in the winter.CKZdCwQUAAAD6aY


Or when you just want to lie on the couch for a while. CKZWW-OWgAA9CeR


Or when you decide to go for the movies and it is unfortunately 3D.  CKZXz5YUEAEiiR7Well, that is just how it goes. And the only solution is lenses.

When Everyone Wants To Stay At Home

Has it ever happened to you? You were making plans with your friends for the entire….you do not even know how long it really was, and when the day comes and you are supposed to go out in an hour, you are all ready and everything suddenly your phone rings. And your plans are cancelled. Just like that.

Your first thoughts are probably: “Cool I did not really feel like going out anyway.” But then, after a while when you eat everything that is in the fridge. And when you watch everything that there is to watch…you realize that you are just going crazy. But that is simply how it goes when your plans are suddenly cancelled. Well, just enjoy the video!

Tree Which Can Grow 40 Kinds Of Fruit

Can you imagine having a tree in your garden which would grow 40 different kinds of fruit? Would it not be amazing? Having everything you want on one tree? That is just insane, right? I mean, how? Is it even possible?

Well, it is. And this tree is the proof. Sam Van Aken, a professor at Syracuse University created this tree using chip grafting which fascinated him ever since he was a child.

The tree looks beautiful during the spring when it is blooming. Then it bears fruits in sequence.

It is just a beautiful miracle, don´t you think? Just watch the video and see for yourself. Enjoy!

This Dog Protecting A Cat Is The Best Thing!

Is it not awesome when your pets are getting on well? Especially when you have a dog and a cat. Because such duo is usually not very friendly to each other. However, this dog is very different. He was protecting a kitten from the terrifying storm.

But that is not the only thing which is unusual about this dog. Just look at the second photo. It did not take long until this photo got a name “Overly Excited Dog”. And it is not the only thing which was created as a respond. Apparently this dog has become an internet sensation. You have to admit that his face is just hilarious, ain´t that right? 😀

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