curly-hair_0We always want what we do not have, ain´t that right? Especially when it comes to our hair.Those who have curls want straight hair and those who have straight hair would give anything just to have curls at least for a day. Of course, it is all possible and easily achievable to change your hair completely, however, you need to know how to do it, so that you do not end up with some lame attempt on your head that you will have to stick with the whole day through. Well, just follow these rules and you will be just fine.

For curly hair:

If you happen to be one of the straight-hair people, you should start with ultra-lightweight shampoo and conditioner. Then spray your hair with a heat spray and place large hot rollers (vertically) randomly. You want you curls to look more naturally.

The trick with curling your hair is that you should not touch your curls while they are hot. You have to let your hair cool completely. And, avoid touching your curls at all costs!

For straight hair:

In order to keep your hair straight throughout the enitre day, you need to keep it moisturized. So start off with mega-hydrating formulas. Then use towel to press as much water as possible out of your hair and apply hair-sealing serum and blow-dry your hair from the top. And if you still are not satisfied with the result after that, then run flatiron through your hair.

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happypals-1015x677What makes you happy? Do you know it? Can you name those things exactly? Well, if yes, then you are a lucky person, and if not, do not lose your hopes, with these rules, you will perhaps finally find you happiness!

First of all, do not let the pressure confuse you. Only you are in charge of what you want and need and all the things that other people are trying to force you into, are just nonsense! Also, a very important thing that we need to realize is that 40 % of our happiness depends on our everyday choices. Plus, a recent study has found that the older we get the happier we are, so do not worry of getting older.

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This somehow reminds me of a movie called Wasabi, you know, the part when Jean Reno was just eating wasabi as if nothing was happening. Do you think that these guys will be just as cool while eating extremely spicy snacks? Well, who knows. However, for those of you who like extremely spicy snacks, this is probably the best video that you are going to see. You know, you can just buy the snacks shown in it and be sure that they will be just what you are looking for! Plus, you will know what to expect based on this taste test. Enjoy the video! And your snack.

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Do you know why beer pong is actually better than any other drinking game? Well, have you tried all of the drinking games that exist? Probably not. But that does not matter.

What matters right now is the fact that beer pong, is better than flip cup. And those who have played both of these games, will probably agree. Or not? Flip cup is boring and not everybody knows how to do it.

Well, just watch the video below and see the reasons why it is so. We do hope that these people will persuade you that it is the truth! Enjoy!

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What do you do when you meet Reese Witherspoon walking out of a shop? Do you ask her for an autograph? Or for a photo? Well, you can either do that, or you can do it just like this woman.

Simply, take a picture with Reese in the background. Yeah, that is how it´s done, you know. Just do it quickly, before she walks away. Oh, and do not let her find out. Try to be inconspicuous. Just like this woman definitely is. Or not? Well, nevermind, cause she has the photo and that is what she wanted, is it not? enhanced-6257-1443198787-1 enhanced-22658-1443199946-12enhanced-26681-1443198893-5

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I know that the first thing that comes to your mind is to eat the ice cream, however, before you do that you should know that there are more things you can do with your ice cream! I mean, of course you will eat it afterwards, it is just that before, you will turn it into a delicious dessert that you will love. How? Well, just check out these three ideas that we have for you! So are you ready? Let´s go!

1. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sundae

enhanced-18880-1442598374-22. Coffee Ice Cream Hot Fudge Sundae Pie

enhanced-23189-1442598993-13. Saltine Crack Ice Cream Sandwiches

enhanced-12242-1442598895-1Enjoy your ice cream!

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Have you ever heard of IO HAWK? It is a new intelligent personal mobility device. And it is similar to Segway I would say, however, it is even weirder. Like, there is no rail! You cannot hold anything, only the ground, when you will be falling.

Anyway, if you do not know what it looks like, then watch this video and see how these guys attemp to ride IO HAWK for the first time. It truly is funny. But is it really worth buying? That is defnitely up to you! Watch the video and then decide!

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That is right, the first emoji keyboard was created. And it is thanks to Tom Scott, a YouTuber, who created this huge keyboard using fourteen regular keyboards. That is right, 14! And the keyboard contains all of the emojis that you can imagine!

Tom says, that he used more than 1,000 stickers in order to create this awesome keyboard. And also, he created a system which makes finding your favourite emoji really easy. So if you want to know how it works, you should definitely watch this video! Enjoy!

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Everybody uses Google.

That is just a fact. We use it daily to search for various things from clothing to news and basic information about anything.

However, there are still people who are perhaps too lazy to type words into Google and they continue asking people for information they are able to find themselves in under 10 seconds.

Perhaps if they learn some of these Google Search tricks, they will stop asking others and start enjoying the fact that finally they have done something themselves! What do you think?

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Have you ever seen two people kissing in slow motion? Well, of course you have not seen them in real life, but have you seen a couple kissing in slo-mo in a movie? It is not a big deal, and it does not really matter whether you have or not, but the thing we are interested in, is the feelings that you had. Because, seeing two people kissing is not very pleasing, and many people find it annoying or disturbing. And now, imagine it all happening in slow motion? Or stop imagining and watch it in the video below!

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