Dogs Who Simply Love TV

Are they not adorable? Well, of course they are, all the time. No matter what they do, dogs are always cute. They are just the cutest animals in the world. Do you agree?

And even though you may think that dogs and watching TV is really not the best combination, believe me, it can be. Because just as people have their favourite TV programmes, dogs have them too. Well, they do not have them yet. But they could.

And everything that is necessary for such a programme is a ball which will attract all of the attention of your pet. If you do not believe me, then try it. And watch this video! Enjoy.

The Best Preschool Ever?

Do you have kids? And are you planning to send them to preschool this year? Then you should definitely consider this preschool! Well, if you are from Japan, Kumamoto City, then you should definitely choose this one! It has a building which collects the rainwater into puddle in which kids can play and splash. Is it not awesome? Instead of keeping kids from rain, this preschool encourages them to play. The building of the preschool was designed by Youji No Shiro and it has so much more to offer! Just look how bright it is. Wouldn´t you want your children to visit this preschool rather than any other? They would definitely love it!

preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-5 preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-1 preschool-collects-rainwater-puddles-kids-play-dai-ichi-yochien-hibino-sekkei-11

You And Your Birthday

Birthdays are awesome! Are they not? The celebrations, meeting all the people who wish you all the best…. That is just….weird! Is it not? But anyway, having a birthday is really not that special. I mean, everybody does celebrate birthday once a year. And after all these years, it just gets boring, does it not? Having to remember all the dates, when in fact, every day of a year is someone´s birthday!

A very interesting thing about birthdays is the birthday paradox. Do you know what it is? Well, in order to find out, watch the video. Because I cannot tell you more. All that I want you to know is that you should realize that your birthday day is also someone else´s birthday day. But you probably know it anyway.

We LOVE Birthdays!

Or don´t we? All the celebrations, best wishes and everything, does it not seem a little silly? Or totally silly? Well, I guess that it is necessary for all of us, is it not? It simply has to be that way.

However, what if it did not? What if we would all be honest about birthdays? I mean, it is funny to celebrate birthdays up until the age of twenty, but then, there isn´t really that much to celebrate, is there? Or do you think that celebrations are great?

Just watch this video which shows what the world would be like if we were honest about birthdays. I think they did a pretty good job, don´t you? Well, no more spoilers, you simply have to see it yourself. Enjoy!

Why People Should Join An Affiliate Marketing Forum

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the jobs that frequently comes up when people start to look for ways to make money from home. The problem is this type of marketing tends to have a long learning curve and people have to be patient before they can really start to exploit the efforts they have put forth. So people need to be mindful of this when they start this type of marketing, but also need to be mindful of the fact this marketing tends to have quite a bit of information available, but people need to know why they need to join an affiliate marketing forum to help them out.

Be Informed

Information overload is a major problem when people are using the Internet to find out about Internet marketing. When people are using the Internet to search they will often notice hundreds, if not thousands of results popping up in an instant. All of these results are great, but each one will generally contradict what the result right about it said. So this is one reason why people need to join an Internet marketing forum, because they generally have updated information that makes it easier for people to know if the information they just read is still in effect or not.

Updated methods

Information from people who are actually in the field, rather than getting information from someone who read something, used the method it worked once, and publishes a book about it. While it is true that the person was in the field at some point, what is not true is the information and method they used could be sorely outdated. For example, article marketing used to be so easy for anyone to do that it was ranking very well. However, because of frequent spamming and poor content, people and the search engines learned not to trust the articles. However, a lot of the content is still preaching this method and the forums, that are updated almost daily are talking about how this is not the best method.


Questions and answers are another great reason to join these forums. When people have a question, they generally want to get it answered right away. However, if they are in a program that only provides email support it can take a while before a response is given. With these forums, though, people can generally answer the questions and end up getting the answer by later on in the day or even in a few minutes depending on the time the question is asked.


Marketing on the Internet is often seen as the main way for people to generate a living while working from home on their computer. The problem is a lot of times when people do a simple Google search they can be overwhelmed with how much information they get. Sometimes, when people start to dig a little bit deeper they will find the information tends to contradict itself as well. This is when people should know how to avoid these contradictions and the reasons why they should be joining an affiliate marketing forum.

Awesome Photo Mash-Ups

These photo mash-ups are awesome! Would you ever think of something like that? Joining two completely different but similar photos and creating one surreal picture. Cool, right? I will tell you who is behind this incredible idea.

They are created by art director Stephen McMennamy, who at first began with iPhone, but now uses a better camera and also sometimes a drone. He considers the process of looking for new interesting object very funny.

We, on the other hand, consider his mash-ups very funny, right?

Good job, Steven, we are looking forward to see more of your work.

funny-photo-mashup-combo-stephen-mcmennamy-1funny-photo-mashup-combo-stephen-mcmennamy-17 funny-photo-mashup-combo-stephen-mcmennamy-12

Teach me bass guitar – where can you go to learn bass?

If you’re keen on learning bass guitar, one of the most important things you need to know is that there are many resources online from which you can learnn it from. So, if you just typed in “teach me bass guitar” on Google or any other search engine, the only thing you need to do is to click on the results and see what each offers.

Difficult thing  royvogt07

Learning to play bass is one of the most fun and the most difficult things you can ever do.While bass guitar adds spice to any performance, learning how to play the bass guitar is not the easy. It actually takes years and years of practice, and some of the best players we know actually started when they were very young. Don’t worry, however, because it’s never too late to start learning.

Many ways to learn

You can learn through Youtube videos or from this source. The good thing about this method is that it is free, and if you persist in watching the videos and following the person teaching in the video, you can learn how to play the bass guitar. But if you really want to take your game to the next level, you should invest in paid lessons. These would be more extensive, and you can learn how to play from A to Z. But this isn’t all there is to it.

With paid lessons, you actually have access to the teachers, and you can questions and tips if you need any help.

My experience

A few years ago, I wanted someone to teach me bass guitar. Unfortunately, I was working at that time and so I decided to get my lessons online. At first I did it the free way through Youtube, but after some time, I learned that you only get what you pay for. While the Youtube videos taught me the basics, it was when I invested in paid lessons that I truly became a master of bass guitar.

maxresdefaultMy advice

While I’m still a long way to go from becoming one of the best, at least I have advanced lessons and access to teachers to get me from Point A to Point B and to the next point.
So, take my advice for it. Invest in paid lessons. But of course, not all paid lessons are created alike, and there are those that are really better than others. You obviously want to get the better ones, which is why I recommend that you read the online reviews first before anything. A lesson must come highly recommend by different blogs.


Go online and search for “bass guitar lesson reviews” on Google or any other search engine. You should be able to find different people who have tried different lessons. Aside from reading the reviews, check out how the reviewer is playing. Is he or she any good at the bass? We really think that a bass guitar lesson is only as good as its students and their skills level.

Let´s Celebrate Divorces!

What do you think it would be like if we started celebrating divorces just like we celebrate engagements? Good? Why? Or why not? Is it not a good and happy decision? Finally setting yourself free. Divorce can be considered as a beginning of new life era, don´t you think? Well, I think that there definitely is something about that.

Just watch this video which shows what it would be like if we celebrated divorces like engagements. Although the part where they guy proposes with divorce papers and the pictures of removed engagement rings are a little weird, are they not? But, it definitely is an interesting idea.

Would You Like Some Pancakes?

These are definitely a perfect choice! Although, they look too good to be eaten, don´t they? Well, they are a real piece of art made by Australian duo – a father and a son – called Tiger Tomato. And the tutorials they post on their YouTube page are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, are they not?

These are a great inspiration for a kid´s birthday party! Although, if you really want to learn to make such beautiful pancakes, you will have to start practising really soon. Like now. But I promise, the result will be worth it! Just imagine how jealous your friends will be when you serve such delicious food!

enhanced-18574-1434745220-1 enhanced-buzz-30238-1434746551-7 enhanced-buzz-18565-1434746589-11 enhanced-23500-1434745176-1

Weights and protein shake Weights and protein shake

Why chocolate milk is the best post workout drink

As an increasing number of people continually flock into health food stores looking for the best post workout drink, the demand for protein supplements has increased. Even though protein supplements are good in some instances, you may attain better results through a childhood favorite drink – chocolate milk.

High Quality Protein Protein-Shake

Most of the protein like that published here in whey and casein protein supplements comes from milk. This means that regular milk has a similar amount of protein albeit in a less processed form. Milk protein comprises about 80% casein and 20% whey. This means that you enjoy a healthy mix of slower and faster absorbing protein for sustaining muscle building for longer.

Simple sugars

Even though it is not advisable to consume simple sugars that digest extremely fast, there is an exception in the case of after a tough workout. During exercise, your body pulls on its energy reserves and muscles are sustaining tiny bits of damage. Your body requires replenishing energy reserves as well as high quality protein for repairing muscles. Ingesting simple sugars such as those in chocolate milk ensures that you provide your body with necessary energy to recover and start repairing muscles.


Eating most fats will not make you fat contrary to popular belief. High quality fats such as those in chocolate milk can help prevent injuries, improve endurance, and aid in muscle building through the stabilization of testosterone levels.

Calcium and vitamin D

Calcium helps keep bones and muscles strong and prevent injuries while Vitamin D helps the body absorb Calcium. Both of these are present in the chocolate milk.

How to maximize effortspost-workout-protein-shake-610x350

Ideally, you should aim to consume the chocolate milk a good 20 minutes prior to you starting the workout. However, even a large glass of milk only contains about 12 grams of protein. If you are serious about gaining muscle then you should aim to consume as many grams of protein as your target body weight every day. This means that 12 grams alone will simply not cut it.
Luckily, you have options. Chocolate milk will easily keep you functioning until you have time to prepare a high protein meal to conclude your post-workout nutrition.

Instances when chocolate milk may not work

If you are one of those people that do not like the taste of milk or are simply lactose intolerant then you need to avoid chocolate milk. In addition, you need to keep the milk cold, which is never the most practical of solutions when going to the gym for several hours.

However, you can attempt to get a good combination of the elements in chocolate milk by eating several different foods. You can eat some fruits or sports energy drinks to help get the simple sugars your body needs to embark on the process of muscle repair. You can also look for protein supplements that contain both casein and whey protein.

As evidenced in this article, chocolate milk is simply the best post workout drink that is not only quite affordable but also tasty. Consider making chocolate milk as part of your post workout recovery and you will see the difference.